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No, your lips will not look like sausages after lip filler!

We would never let that happen! Lip filler is a very good option for patients looking to obtain some small (yet substantial) changes in their lip structure. Whether it is volume, height, definition, correction of asymmetries, etc., we love a good lip augmentation at Lakeside Cosmetic Center. There are several hyaluronic acid fillers that we have available to use, depending on the goals we are trying to achieve. Some options for filler include Restylane Kysse, Refyne and Defyne, Juvederm Volbella, Vollure, Ultra and Ultra plus. Regardless of goals, however, we will never let you leave with "sausage lips." It is our practice philosophy that any cosmetic treatment should leave you looking refreshed and natural. While lip filler can help provide a beautiful aesthetic to the lips and balance facial features, over-filling can result in tissue expansion and be harmful to the delicate tissues of the lips. This is not a good look and not a look that we will give you at Lakeside Cosmetic Center!

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